50th Anniversary Wash Up

Modernians Hockey ClubNews

This year marks 50 years since Mods won our first Hockey WA Top Grade Premiership, and to celebrate we contacted the winning 1969 team, and arranged a reunion lunch at The Shoe on Tuesday with club sponsor Jo Higgins and then a gathering at The Yard on Saturday 10 August.

On Saturday, team member, Richard Aggiss (who went on to be Australian player and coach) tossed the coin to commence the Mods Men’s top team match at Shenton Park turf then the original team gathered back at our home ground, surrounded by a lot of current members, and enjoyed cheese platters a glass of wine or two and many stories from the glory days of 1969. Harvey Poole sang the Modernians School song before the toss of the coin to start the Metro 3 ladies grass game.

We were joined by Len Dowd from Queensland (left wing) in the 1969 team and by life member Brent Bellon and Trevor Mullings who were at the game in 1969, all the while in the background the Dads Army (with many J9/10’s) played a great match for the gallery.

Thanks Social Committee for the cheese platters.. they were sensational!!

John M Sanders

A1 Premiers of 1969 Reunion