Dummies guide to registering as a senior player this season

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1. Enter your email

2. Can’t remember your password, no problem.. click on forgot password? and the system should generate an email to you to reset your password. If you are brand new.. click on Don’t have an account yet?

3. Who are you registering?

Your name should appear here in a list – click on your name

4. Which member types are you registering as?  

Tick the Player box

Click Next

5. Select your registration option

Hockey Australia – Senior Player Levy (Ages 19 and over) – 2019   (This subscription includes the national senior levy, processing fee and individual player insurance. This levy will include anyone that turns 19 during 2019)

Tick this box to pay your $42.00 to Hockey Australia

Click Next

6.  Just a few more details…

Please tick the HA boxes and select 2019 Senior player
from the drop down menu


Click Next

Click on Proceed to payment and you should be done!!!!!!

Congratulations you are now insured with Hockey Australia and you will receive a confirmation email from Hockey Australia that you have registered and paid!!!

Mods will send you an invoice for the player fees this week to your nominated email account.